My First Craft!

So I finally delved into the world of crafts and finished my first project! I was sort of put off the other day when I discovered a lot of the projects I wanted to do were very expensive especially as I have no supplies and have to buy everything from scratch! But never fear the internet is here!! I found a lot of cheap and cheerful projects that don't cost much to do and mainly involve toilet paper rolls! So my first project is a handy holder for all my hair ties and bobby pins and I've made this weeks Tiddlybits all about toilet paper roll crafts to inspire you.

A hair tie, a hair tie,
my kingdom for a hair tie!

Hair Tie and Bobby Pin Holder

Usually my hair ties and bobby pins disappear as soon as I buy them (and I'm left sad and desperate with hair resembling something similar to the glorious photo to your right) so when I came across the idea for a holder on Pinterest I immediately knew I had to make one. Unfortunately there was a crafting disaster half way through but all turned right in the end!


So first things first what did I use to make it -

- Toilet paper roll
- Glue (I used Pritt Stick)
- Scissors
- Pretty Paper (I used paper I got in issue 9 of Homemaker magazine)

Step One

I first rolled the toilet paper roll in the fancy paper and when I got to the end tried to glue the paper down. However, then disaster struck (yes on step one!) my Pritt Stick had lost its stick and was coming out in big lumps so in stepped Mr. Masking Tape to save the day!

Step Two

I cut four slits in the excess paper that was now on each end of the paper roll and began folding them down inside the roll. I then taped these bits to the inside of the paper roll using our trusty masking tape! When doing the other side I trimmed the excess paper before folding as it made things waaay easier so you should do that on both sides!

Cut four slits from the top of the excess
to the bottom and fold inside the roll.
You could also trim the excess before doing this
to make it easier to fold in and tape down.
A tip I've noted myself  for next time!

The hero of the hour 

Step Three

My holder was now complete! I just added my hair ties and bobby pins and messy hair has become a thing of the past!! 

Dr. Who approved!

Lessons Learned

So from doing this little project I discovered several things:

  • I should have used Modge Podge glue! Pritt Stick just doesn't cut it in the world of crafting!
  • Have some clear sellotape or other invisible tape around as masking tape does not look that attractive when all over your crafting project of awesome!
  • Always trim the excess paper as it makes things less fiddly

I hope you enjoyed reading about my first foray into crafts and blogging about it and I hope it inspires you to make your own toilet paper roll crafts! For way more inspiration on this check out this weeks Tiddlybits which also includes a link to the tutorial that inspired this project. 

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