Give it socks!

So my New Year, New Skills resolution carries on with Cross Stitch this week. One of my good friends has recently put up pictures on Facebook of her beautiful and hilarious cross-stitch work so it inspired me to take up the needle and get started.

I found a cross-stitch iPhone over project in a local shop and thought it would be a great place to start. The first problem I ran into was separating floss. It's a nightmare. Knots and tangles everywhere!!

But I found this great video on YouTube and though I still had some tangles, it definitely wasn't half as bad. 

The other problem was planning my design. I started just stitching without properly counting the squares and so kept running out of space and having to pull everything and start again! My own fault but definitely make sure you plan before you start. 

And once you've figured out those two things, it really is great fun. You can use whatever colours you like and there are no limit to the designs you can do. I settled on the motivational Irish phrase of "Give it Socks" with two patched socks to inspire me on days when I'm feeling demotivated. 

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