Crafty fun times!

Well it's been a crafty week this week! First off I had to make some props for a drama club show. Well I didn't have to, I chose to! I facilitate a drama club for 5-6 year olds once a week and at the end of each term we do a little showing for the parents. This term it was all about space so the kids performed a short poem all about the planets in our solar system. 

I printed colouring book sheets of each of the planets from and gave them to the kids to colour in. I then took them away, cut them out and using masking tape to attach them to wooden skewers. 

This week I also made my first attempt at paper cutting and made a Secret Garden bookmark. I cut the shape of the keyhole out in white card and stuck it on top of flowery paper to give the illusion of a garden through the keyhole. 

I then stuck more white card on the back and added a purple ribbon. I didn't like the finished product as the keyhole is not as symmetrical as I would have like so I'll use a stencil next time! I also didn't think the paper did what I wanted it to so I'll draw the garden behind next time I think! 

I also finished a project I've been working on since the New Year but I'll tell you more about that one after Easter! 

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