Coasters, Shoes, Sharpies and More

I absolutely love this idea found via the Inspired by Charm blog. In fact I love it so much I think it might be the first craft project I take on so watch this space! 

I love the look of these FancyDolls and that you can buy the whole set and try it yourself!

So many kinds of awesome but which comic to choose??

As a massive Harry Potter nerd, I have always wanted my own wand and this is definitely the best Harry Potter Wand Tutorial  I've seen for creating your own. 

Also I absolutely love this Harry Potter Book Art... I'll try to limit the links to Harry Potter crafts in future Tiddlybits I promise! 

I've been looking for a clock for my bedroom for ages and this clock might just be the one I've been looking for! 

I love this felt bow tutorial and so many things you can use them for. I'd love to add them to the front of an old t-shirt to jazz it up a little. 

Love and all their DIY project ideas especially these Sharpie Projects - I didn't realise sharpies were so versatile so definitely have to get my hands on one of them!

And finally my Mag of the Moment goes to Homemaker Magazine They have such great features, website and craft recommendations and sometimes they come with fantastic craft projects to try! I absolutely adore it and highly recommend you subscribe or at least follow them on twitter @Homemakermag

That's it for this weeks Tiddlybits! See you next week for more craft inspiration!

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