All the leaves are brown...

That familiar chill is back in the air, sensible shoes are walking the streets and cosy jumpers are back on the scene which can only mean one thing - Autumn is here. I love Autumn. In recent years it has definitely taken over as my favourite season. I get to go fruit picking and make delicious jams for tarts, I don't have to worry about my bits being out because they're all wrapped up in comfy tights and woolies again but more importantly the trees turn the most beautiful colours and it's hard not to be inspired by that! So this weeks Tiddlybits is all about things to make and do with those fabulous autumnal leaves that will soon be swimming around your feet.

These gorgeous napkin holders are from the Honest to Nod blog, the collaborative blog presented by The Land of Nod. They are super easy to make but the result is very expensive looking and will make having a ready meal for one a very elegant experience!

Who would I be if I didn't mention a way to use leaves in your gift wrapping? This is a great and super pretty idea from the equally great and super pretty Willowday blog.

A brilliant way to make your house feel all cosy on rainy autumn evenings is to make this lantern using fallen leaves. The tutorial from the Gingerbread Snowflakes blog is really well explained and easy to follow so we should all be able to make one of these.

These clay leaf bowls from Urban Comfort are stunning and would make a beautiful addition to your home. They would be great for holding earrings or soaps or any other delicate items that get lost if you just shove them in any old drawer!

One of the easiest things to do with leaves that fall at this time of year is to paint the textured side of the leaf any colour and then press it down on paper or fabric and then slowly peel away leaving the imprint of the leave behind on the surface. It's really easy but can be used in so many different ways. Just check out these few below of you don't believe me!

Leaf Stamped Gift Wrap

Leaf Printed Plates

Leaf Printed Cushion

Leaf Print Tote Bag

I hope these links have given you a few ideas for what you can do with your Autumn leaves but if you feel you need some more inspiration please check out my Leave Craft Inspiration Board on Pinterest

Happy Crafting!

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