Don't count your chickens....

This weeks Tiddlybits carries on with the tradition of using things from around your house. This time it's egg cartons. I eat a LOT of eggs so now it's about time I stopped adding to the giant human waste pile and get creative with my egg cartons. Below are all the projects that are inspiring me, particularly the mirror, and as always you can find more great ideas on the Pinterest Board.

This is so beautiful and expensive looking that I still can't believe it's made from egg cartons. I found the tutorial on Better Homes and Gardens craft page. You could play around with different colours and if you don't have a mirror, you could use it around your picture frames.

I love this idea for an egg cup from Red Ted Art which is such a funny little idea for reusing your egg cartons. Might even think about making a duck one for your duck eggs!

This is a great gift idea of a herb garden in a box from Randi of Swoon. Easy to do and a gift that someone could have and use for years after you give it to them. I also love how she's packaged the gift. Who would have thought an egg carton could look so pretty?

I love these fairy light covers and that they completely don't look like they are made from an egg carton. Great idea for a gift too! The tutorial is not in english but the photos are pretty self explanatory. 

I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration and get the brain cogs turning. As usual please send me pics of any projects you try via or twitter @Tiddlybobs and I'll feature them on the blog.

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