Sewing and Toilet Roll - the solutions to a happy life

Unfortunately life has been a bit hectic in recent weeks so Tiddlybobs has taken a bit of  back seat but never fear, I am now back with more creative treats for you including a brand new Tiddlybits next week and some new photographs in my Morning Walks series.

Also, exciting news in Tiddlybobs camp - my boyfriends parents kindly delivered my sewing machine!! I CAN'T WAIT to start sewing up little projects and learning all about it. So far I have read the manuals and learned how to thread bobbin and the machine - wahey! I shall progress to actual sewing on an item of material next... baby steps folks, baby steps.  Isn't it super pretty? 

I have also been getting creative with household goods to make Hallowe'en decorations. Lack of money means none to spend on decorations so I had to rummage around but it's amazing what you can create with toilet roll, sellotape and black plastic bags. Well you can create bannister mummies.

Then grab some tomato ketchup, red food colouring and an Irish girl with messy hair and an over-exaggerated scared expression and voila! You have an awesome bloody hand stain on your mirror!

And finally, cut up a cereal box, fish out some red paint and grab a teabag and hot water. Put them all together and what do you get? Creepy signs written in blood that's what. 

Unfortunately after doing all that I had run out of time to do any more decorating but I was super impressed with everything I had come up with especially as it was all for free! Just goes to show what I can do when I try to think outside the box! 

Hope you all have a very Happy Hallowe'en and eat loads of sweets and watch scary movies!! 

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