Bah Humbug!

So it's that time of the year - the time when everyone moans about Christmas decorations and presents being in the shops and IT'S ONLY November!! Trust me I've been there. As someone who was born in December, my birthday is always overshadowed by the build up and I've been adamant every year not to celebrate Christmas until after my birthday!! 

But this year it's different. This year I want to have a crafty Christmas and a crafty Christmas requires a LOT of prep so I am glad that the shops have their stocks of Christmas ribbon out now and that shelves are adorned with little trinkets to add character to my makes or simply inspire. 

And it's making me happier. I've realised that Christmas is the time when I usually stop and take stock and be happy for my friends, family and all the good things in my life so why not start doing that now? I probably should do it all year round but I don't. I get caught up in all the petty little things I shouldn't and forget but the fairy lights in the shop windows and low playing Christmas carols are a reminder to be happy for what I have. 

So I'm officially a convert. Let's start celebrating in November and spread the joy a little longer!! 

My boyfriend disagrees with all of the above and refuses to celebrate until at least December 1st so I made him this wreath.

It was made from a free gift that I got in Issue 24 of Homemaker magazine which was a polystyrene wreath. I then covered it in black ribbon by wrapping it around and pinning the end in place. I then wrote 'Bah Humbug!' on a sticky label, cut out the shape and stuck it to the wreath. 

Easy peasy and it made him smile so totally worth it! 

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