What to do when you've run out of Jam...

This week I attempted my first ever swiss roll and after three failed attempts I was successful - Hooray!

Look at that swirl!

But after so many attempts I was all out of jam and I wondered what sort of cool things could I make with a jam jar? And so this weeks Tiddlybits was born!

I think a lot of people made these Jam Jar glitter Globes in school but with Christmas just a round the corner maybe it's time to bring back this classic and now with your more grown-up taste add a bit of elegance to it like this beautiful one from Whimsical Wonderland Weddings. Plus if you've forgotten how to make them, there's a handy tutorial too.

There are plenty of ways to cover your jam jar lids, whether it be with paperpaint or using kids toys, and turning them into awesome storage jars but I particularly love this idea from One Bowl Parenting. I do a bit of embroidery and hand sewing so this pincushion lid and thread storage jar is  great for keeping all the little bits needed in one place, as they always find a way to get lost. It would make a great gift for anyone starting to sew. 

Speaking of storage ideas, these vintage string holders from Handmade Charlotte are a fantastic idea. You could also use them for ribbon storage too I guess. I love the way Charlotte lays out her tutorials with great pictures and a fun font, so I'm sure you'll have great fun following it and making your own. 

Another idea that I think is becoming very popular, particularly at weddings, is using jam jars as glasses. Why not go one step further with yours and etch a cute little message on them? It's super easy and super chic. I recommend this tutorial from You Seriously Made That? if you're going to try it. 

And finally, a bit different for Tiddlybits but this week I decided to end on a video. Video tutorials can be invaluable especially when you a re trying something for the first time and there is pretty much a video for every skill you could possibly want to learn. This weeks video shows just how simple and cheap crafting can be, so you've no excuses not to get started! :) 


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