A Recipe for Colouring In

I am firmly aware that I am unable to draw and having a brother who is a graphic designer and a boyfriend who is an illustrator does nothing but confirm that. However, I do still enjoy having a dabble now again and there is nothing more relaxing in this world than colouring in - anyone that says differently is lying. 

I was kindly gifted with a blank recipe book last Christmas and today (Yes, only today!) I decided to start filling it. As I'm just learning to bake I don't have a lot of recipes that I do over and over again or even recipes that turn out the exact same the second time around except for this jam tart recipe. It's super quick and has yet to go wrong so I decided it deserved pride of place as the first recipe to be put in my book. 

The book contains a blank page on one side and lined pages on the other so it's just made for accompanying your recipes with illustrations - well, I thought so anyway. 

I'm pretty pleased with the result considering my drawing skills but besides that, it was super fun and just so relaxing to do! If you haven't done any drawing or colouring in since primary school, I demand that you do so straight away. You'll love it! Can't wait to master more baked goods so that I try out more recipe inspired drawings! 

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