Bump on a Glued Tin Can

Recently I have got a new desk and I have a load of different projects on the go at once so the need for good organisation is becoming vital. Last weeks Tiddlybits served to inspire you to get busy crafting with tin cans but it's ended up inspiring me to make something of my own. I decided to cover some tin cans in pretty paper and use them to hold all my pens and brushes so they're not cluttering up my desk.

I used the same tutorial as I used for my hair tie and bobby pin holder and even though this time there was less excess paper that needed to be hidden, there was a lot of bubbling of the paper! But progress is progress so hopefully it'll be third time lucky when I try this technique again. Meanwhile enjoy the pictures and please send me pictures of your tin can projects via twitter - @Tiddlybobs. 

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