Something Wicked This Way Comes

It's almost October which means it's Hallowe'en planning time! I absolutely love Hallowe'en though I have to say since moving to London, it's been a bit rubbish. The atmosphere in Ireland is much better around this time and everyone is much more into it! However, that doesn't mean things can't change so consider this weeks Tiddlybits inspiration for the world to get as into Hallowe'en as Ireland is and hopefully there's a few tricks to inspire the Irish readers to up their game too!

An easy one to get started - just pop some fake eyeballs in your flowers and BOOM! Creepy Hallowe'en decor gold! Thanks to Deeds McGoo for pinning this great idea.

Even though I'm posting this in September, I am sure that there will still be some of you who will be in a blind panic on 30th October having not done anything to your house or bought any sweets. NEVER FEAR! Here are 31 quick and easy Hallowee'en hacks - my personal favourite being the the fake teeth napkin holders. 

Another great and simple idea is to turn your wine bottles (or alcohol beverage bottle of choice!) into potion bottles! This excites me no end and you can download free label templates here at Ellinee or create your own if you are feeling super creative. 

I am definitely trying this one from Momtastic Webecoist mainly because I've never photocopied my own face and I'm not sure I can leave my twenties having never done so. There's also several other awesome eco projects to try via that link so do check it out. 

Do I even need to tell you that you should definitely do this one? Creepy as hell! Just make sure you put her away before you go to bed! It's just a doll spray painted white surrounded by white sheets. I couldn't find a tutorial but the link to the original photo I found is here

That's my highlights but as usual please find lots more ideas on the Pinterest board and please send pics of your creations to @Tiddlybobs. 

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