To peg or not to peg

Sticking with the theme of using stuff you find around your house for your crafting projects, this week's Tiddlybits is all about the weird and wonderful things you can make from clothes pegs. 

First up are these easy to make clothes peg magnets from the Daily Fix and though I love the floral design, the great thing is that you can mix it up with any design you want. I'm seriously considering Harry Potter themed magnets... if only I can get my housemates to agree...

This has been pitched as kid sized for kids but I'm sorry it's way too awesome! I demand you find yourself a larger box and make this adult sized! Genius idea from U Create!

So this blog post is not in english but the pictures are really good so you should be able to follow the tutorial quite easily. It's such a great idea and reminder that peg crafts don't just stop at the wooden bits!

Too many cables? Too little time? This is a genius idea for a pin cable tidy and plus there's a few other ideas if you're looking for more inspiration to support your technical organisation needs.

Okay so this is not a tutorial nor is it credited to anyone as I couldn't find the source but I couldn't resist posting it. It's a Christmas tree made from pegs to hold lollipops! Do you understand how much of that sentence is soooo right?

And on that note, that's it for this weeks Tiddlybits. Please check out the Pinterest board for more clothes peg crafting inspiration!

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